• "We received the number 1 ranking out of all Realty offices in Florida"

    "Alex- We wanted to let you know that Extreme Online University has been one of the best sources for us in recruiting, training and retaining agents in our office. It has helped us so much that we received the number 1 ranking out of all Realty offices in Florida for recruiting in 2010 of 85 agents!!! It is my hope that every Realty office will participate in your system to improve their companies ability to recruit, train and retain their agents. Keep up the great work!"

    Stanley H. Bishop | President/Broker - Real Estate Gallery
  • "I can't thank you enough!"

    "I just wanted to write and let you know of the great success I have had since your Boot Camp Training back in January. I am still having closings as a result of the Boot Camp. The Friday after Boot Camp was over, I booked 2 more appointments from calls I had made while I was there."

    Jennifer Chambers | Realty Showcase
  • "Your training has changed my career and my life!"

    "I wanted to let you know about the great success I have had and am still having due to the recent "Boot Camp" training I attended in Marietta, Ga. While attending your Boot Camp, I booked 15 appointments. Five of those appointments turned into listings and there are two more to come. Three listed for 8%! Your training has changed my career and my life! I am so excited! Every day I am applying the techniques you taught to my business and am receiving awesome results."

    Gina Leonard | Realty of the Valley
  • "If you don't have Online University,
    I would contact Alex!"

    "If you have EXTREME Online University, there is a training module in the "Stars" section entitled "How to Get REO Listings", and Frank gave a presentation during a recent EXTREME Online University webinar about REO. If you don't have EXTREME Online University, I would recommend contacting Alex or Miki Szinegh. We recently held an agent open house using this training module as the headline for the event, and had a full house with 27 agents that showed up. Over half of that crowd was not from our brokerage & we signed up 3 agents from that event. Aside from getting BPO's & REO listings to drive production, our REO Division and training is a great recruiting tool. We also use EXTREME Online University extensively in our recruiting efforts."

    Ken Snyder | Owner - Realty, NE Houston
  • "We're getting emails everyday
    from agents and broker..."

    "We want you to know how much we loved having you with us in Georgia and how much we appreciate what you have done for our region. We are getting emails everyday from agents and brokers - excited, pumped, and determined to make their business successful. You are quite the motivator!!!"

    Mike and Sharon | Realty Georgia
  • "The webinar was great!"

    "I thought the webinar was great. I had several agents listen in as well. As always I loved to hear you and Tami speak. Bob is one of EXIT's lesser known gems. This is one of the first times I have heard him and I thought he was fabulous. I can not wait to get to something else with him. I have made sure our Office Library has all of the books referenced yesterday. I am very excited to use all of the new features in EXTREME Online University. I enjoyed today's Broker Call as well. I hope you and Chantal have a Great holiday and get recharged. Like you, I believe Everything will be Better than Fine in 2009."

    Kimberly Plourde | Realty Center
  • "We want to thank you... for a great end of year webinar"

    "We want to thank you, Miki and Valerie for a great end of year webinar. We incorporated it into our weekly staff meeting with the agents. Tami and Bob were great as well, and the agents were taking notes through all of the presentations. Now it will be our job to follow up with them to implement. Keep up the good work!"

    Bob Foster | Owner - Point Realty
  • "I loved it..."

    "This was my first "Boot Camp" and I loved it. Anytime Alex has one close by I will be attending. I have two listings and six that are making up their minds. They said I will be the Realtor they will sign with when they are ready to list their house. None of this would have come about had I not attended the Boot Camp. He made me understand the importance of being regimented and sticking with it."

    Sandy Slinkard | Realtor
  • "Boot Camp was amazing!"

    "Boot Camp was amazing! Alex really motivated me with his attitude and techniques. I made calls for the first time during Boot Camp and as a result I got my first listing on the 3rd day! I also got 6 appointments, 2 other potential listings and several leads by the end of the week!

    Alex gave me tools that have allowed me to gain a tremendous amount of confidence that is already proving to make me successful! I learned that I was the only reason that I wasn't getting anywhere. Your clients are waiting!

    All you have to do is make a choice...do you want the business or not? If the answer is yes, just walk through the door...to Alex's Boot Camp! It will be well worth your investment!!! It's your future...go make it happen!"

    Denah Wright | Realty of the Valley
  • "I truly learned a lot..."

    "Thanks to you and Hector and Alex for bringing this effective and wonderful training seminar together at a great price. I truly learned a lot from those 3 days, and any agent who hasn't attended Alex's boot camp is at a disadvantage.

    This was my first bootcamp training, and I am happy that I went! Alex had great energy; he was real with how his message was conveyed. I truly appreciated that his objective for the 3 days was to change our attitude, because that is where it starts.

    The life of our careers is determined by how we think and conduct our businesses everyday, and Alex showed us that. Since the bootcamp, I have been making the calls and tracking my production, using the same worksheets that are in the manual. And I will continue to do this, but the key is CONSISTENCY. I know and believe that this, along with a successful mindset, is going to turn my career around for the better--GUARANTEED.

    I'll be at the next boot camp that Alex does in the NYC area. Again, Thanks to you and Hector for giving us this great opportunity to build and advance our careers to the next level."

    Iva Rowe | Realty by Open Gates
  • "Alex can only inspire you..."

    "WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Alex was an inspiration. In fact, I have noticed that most great speakers that I have heard while at are extraordinary people and have overcome great adversity in their lives. And I sat there and thought if Alex can do it I should be able to as well. I felt like a sponge trying to soak up every word that spilled out of Alex's mouth."

    Mary Adair | Associate Broker - More Real Estate